Are you worried about your job hunt?

Landing a new job is stressful. You look at your resume and wonder what to say. You worry you'll say the wrong thing. Then you stress over leaving something out.  


Job hunting makes even the most confident people second guess themselves.

Are you struggling to find the right words to explain why you’re the best candidate to hire?

Not anymore. 

Introducing the Resume and LinkedIn Essentials course. A fast, practical bootcamp to give you the resume, LinkedIn and personal branding tools you need to quickly and confidently land your next job. 

Interested joining?  Bootcamp is open now!  Hurry!! Only 10 spots available at the special price of $197.

Learn step-by-step how to...

  • Create your resume and showcase why you're the ideal candidate to hire

  • Design your LinkedIn profile to promote your qualifications and attract recruiters and hiring managers

  • Crystallize your personal brand and introduce yourself in 20 words or less

  • Zero-in on the job requirements and customize your resume and personal branding with the right experiences

  • Answer "tell me about yourself" with confidence and promote your unique advantage. No more rambling or freezing!

Meet your Instructor

  • Rebecca  Okamoto

    Founder, Evoke Strategy Group

    Rebecca Okamoto

    I'm Rebecca, the founder of Evoke Strategy Group, and I help people with something to say, but struggle to say it.

    I'm a personal branding and communication consultant, and I help people become better recognized for their ideas, potential and accomplishments. I teach them how to introduce themselves in 20 words or less. Pitch anything in 15, 30 or 60 seconds. And tell memorable stories that motivate teams to action.

    My passion is to help people exceed. I work with corporations, professionals, job hunters and entrepreneurs on persuasive communication and I share career insights on my blog,

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I know, it's hard. I've been there...

“I’m sorry… what do you do again?”

Uh oh…. Three minutes into the interview and the interviewer already sounded confused. It was my first job interview in over 20 years. I’d spent hours and hours preparing for it, and I was so sure that I had all the right answers. 

I didn’t. 

Over the next couple of months, I had more interviews. But no matter how I explained my qualifications, it was the same.  

Not. Good. 

Finally one interviewer told me, “Ummm, instead of talking about yourself, it would be more helpful if you could tell me what you could do for me.”

Ugh. That's embarrassing.

Then it dawned on me. She didn’t want to know how great I was. She wanted to know how great her organization would be if she hired me. 

I went home and tossed out all of my bios and resumes. 

I became obsessed with cracking the secret to being irresistible. I started studying irresistible headlines and viral blog posts, and one day, I saw a pattern. And I created a step-by-step process to introduce, market and promote myself.

A few months later I met with the executive director of an accelerator program. She said, "Tell me about yourself."

My response was 17 words long:

“I’m a communication consultant and I help people with something to say, but struggle to say it.”  

The director leaned in and said those magic words, "Tell me more."  15 minutes later she hired me to give communication workshops.

I was so excited I started to tell all my friends about what I learned. And then I decided to create personal branding, resume writing and LinkedIn workshops to help people who struggled, just like me.  

Are you a worried job hunter? Do you struggle to explain why you’re the best candidate to hire? 

I can help. 

I teach people how to master clear, concise communication. I'm on a mission to help them get better recognized for their ideas, potential and accomplishments. 

I designed my job hunting bootcamp for worried professionals. If that's you, I’ll show you step-by-step the personal branding, resume and LinkedIn tools you need to confidently land your next job. 

What you'll learn in bootcamp

Want a sneak peek of the curriculum?

Tool 1: Personal branding basics

Lesson One – Make a lasting impression: 4 guidelines to be more memorable

•Say ONE thing

•Explain how you add value

•Use ONE hook to capture and keep attention 

•Be clear, not clever

Lesson Two – Crystallize your personal brand in 20 words or less

•Personal Brand formula

•How to test your personal brand

•5 ways to introduce yourself perfectly in 20 words or less

Tool 2: Promote your unique advantage

Lesson One – Make your personal brand clearer

•7 ways to transform your clarity

Lesson Two – Explain your unique advantage



Lesson Three – Catch their attention: Explain who you are and what you can do in 15, 30 or 60 seconds

•Learn to explain what can you do, how you can help and why they should believe you

•Confidently answer, "tell me about yourself" 

Tool 3: LinkedIn for personal brand building 

Lesson One - Show up first: 4 fast fixes to help LinkedIn find and promote you

•Profile basics



•Key words

Lesson Two - Get more views: 3 easy ways to market yourself




Lesson Three - Attract interest in you: Get people to call or email you

•Instant fixes 

•Summary section


Tool 4: Compelling resumes

Lesson One – Resume Blueprint:  What goes where

•Frame your resume with your LinkedIn profile 

Lesson Two – The summary section: Explain why you’re the ideal candidate to hire

•Building blocks:  Personal brand + LinkedIn summary

•Demonstrate insights

Lesson Three – Your experiences: Reinforce why you’re perfect for the role

•Build on what you got – LinkedIn experiences + bullet points

•Format your experiences to showcase your qualifications

Lesson Four – The beginning, middle and end: Finalize what they need to know

•Contact information + Skills and expertise + Other experiences

Lesson Five – Pull it all together: Build your resume

•Cut for clarity

•Make it skimmable in 6-30 seconds

Lesson Six – Catch their eye: Customize your resume for searches and specific roles

•Customize your summary and experiences

•Key word check 


Have a question? This might help :-)

  • When does the pilot launch?

    The webinar classes start Saturday June 22, 10 AM Pacific Time. If you'd like to learn more, please email me at and we can set up time to chat if this is right for you.

  • How is this different than other resume writing classes or templates?

    This isn't just a resume writing class. This a set of tools you need to confidently showcase your qualifications. This includes introducing yourself perfectly in 20 words or less, learning how to zero in on what the hiring manager is looking for, and explaining your unique advantage.

  • How do I get my specific resume or LinkedIn questions answered?

    Bootcamp webinars are designed to be interactive. Each class is 90 minutes long which gives time for interaction and questions. You'll also be able to email me questions. And for the pilot, I'll set up an open office hour where anyone can call in and ask questions.

  • I need interview help - will this help me?

    Bootcamp will help you crystallize your personal brand, and help you confidently introduce yourself in 20 words or less. I'll also show you how to answer "tell me about yourself" and highlight your unique advantage. While bootcamp isn't designed for specifically for interview training, you'll learn how to pinpoint what the interviewer is looking for which will help you prep for interviews.

  • What if I miss a class? How do I make it up?

    Each class will also be recorded. So if you miss, you can make up the class on your schedule.

  • Will this work for me?

    I work with worried job hunters of all backgrounds and industries including students, scientists, executives, and career changers. In my last bootcamp, one recent college grad got a job offer halfway through the course! Before the course, she wasn’t getting any responses to her applications. Another participant attracted a CEO’s attention with her 20 word introduction and started the interview process!

  • What if I miss out on the pilot?

    I'll be launching the bootcamp after the pilot. This pilot will give me time to interact with students more closely and fine tune the content. When I launch the course, the regular price will be $397.

  • What's different between the pilot and the regular program?

    The content will be the same. But in the pilot I'm finalizing the content and looking for your input on what's missing or what's working well. The pilot class size is much smaller, and you'll be able to work with me personally.

Bonus. Bonus. Bonus.

  • Templates and Tools

    I’ll help you jump start your job hunt with downloadable templates that you can apply immediately, and reapply for any future job search.

  • Office hours

    Everyone has questions like, "Does this look right?" or "Now what?" Weekly I'll schedule an open office hour and help you fine tune your message or talk next steps.

  • SPECIAL Templates

    Are you rebranding yourself, new to your field, or just out of school? I have additional templates and training to help you out. I'll work with you on additional material to customize your job search.