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Do you have an awesome product or service, BUT struggle to explain your value and attract enough clients?

Introducing Explain Your Value In 20 Words or Less

Confidently introduce yourself. Anytime. Anywhere.

So much rides on how successfully you can capture attention and hold genuine interest. Don't leave it to chance or with a freebie template. Here's what makes the 20 word approach unique

  • Nail your first impression and hear "tell me more."

  • Never wonder what to say with mutliple frameworks and over 30 real-life examples and before-and-after transformations.

  • Get inside their head (and look like a mindreader).

  • Banish second guessing with the I've-got-this! self assessment process, and *instantly* guage effectiveness.

  • Complete your value statement in a day with the express version of the course.

See what makes us different.

Explain Your Value in 20 Words or Less is your step-by-step guide to introduce, market and promote your business in 20 words or less

  • Showcase your business as a MUST-HAVE produce or service

  • Grow your pipeline of interested leads FASTER.

  • Make it easy for OTHER people to explain your value and promote your business.

Plus there's more.

The core lessons are focused on key concepts so you won't get overwhelmed. But in case you want more help, I included even more resources. Just cherry-pick the help you need to speed up your progress.

  • Templates and Tools

    Nail-your-first-impression guidelines and Never-wonder-what-to-say framewords.

  • Get-inside-their-head guide

    Learn 3 techniques from simple to detailed to target what's top-of-mind for your audience.

  • On-demand video library

    You'll have instant access to a self-paced, online video library that you can view as often as needed. Take the course in order, or cherry-pick what you need.

What my clients are saying...

I've been in other seminars, but this was unique.

Kart, Data Manager

The differentiated factor was the strategic story telling that provokes the audience to ask for more, and energizes them to be genuinely interested in what you have to say... I got verbal approval for a large program that would cost a couple of millions of dollars to execute.

My networking conversations have improved markedly and I have procured 3 clients with potential 4th and 5th clients in the pipeline.

Jeff, CFO

My introduction sets the table for the listener to ask me the questions that I really want to answer. I never would have gotten there without the challenge and example of reducing my introduction to 20 words.

I have been in other seminars but this was unique and made a huge difference in learning

Kart, Data Analyst

I personally felt this was very helpful to me; especially to start structuring and organizing my ideas and thoughts and catering them specifically to audiences.

Meet your Instructor

Founder, Evoke Strategy Group Rebecca Okamoto

I'm Rebecca, the founder of Evoke Strategy Group, and I help people with something to say, but struggle to say it.

I'm a personal branding and communication consultant, and I help people become better recognized for their ideas, potential and accomplishments. I teach them how to introduce themselves in 20 words or less. Pitch anything in 15, 30 or 60 seconds. And tell memorable stories that motivate teams to action.

My passion is to help people exceed. I work with corporations, professionals, job hunters and entrepreneurs on persuasive communication and I share career insights on my blog,

Ready to enroll?

Pay one time and save 17% or Pay over time

You've got something important to say

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