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Pitching, selling and closing... is HARD

And it can get even harder...

  • Is your product complicated?

  • Are you challenging the established leader?

  • Are you new to selling

How long have you been struggling with your clarity?

Are you tired of asking yourself, "Why don't they get what I"m saying? " Or "How do I know what they're looking for?" Or "Ugh... I should have said that instead."

Every time your message is confusing, you're losing clients, revenue and opportunities.

Have you given up on your clarity? Or are you ready to crack the code.

What if in 30 days or less you can capture more interest, convince more skeptics and convert more opportunities into real revenue?

Introducing Clarity Accelerator

Get the tools you need to hear "when you can you start" faster

  • Explain your value in 20 words or less. Your value prop is the essential tool to explain what you do, and you'll learn 5 ways to introduce yourself perfectly in 20 words.

  • Convince and convert with confidence. You'll learn 4 strategies to maximize engagement and overcome concerns to close deals faster.

  • Pitch, promote and build your pipeline. We'll show you how to craft the perfect elevator pitch and promote your business in 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

See what makes us different.

I get it. You've tried lots of tools and templates. Maybe even a course or two. But you're still struggling. Here's what makes this different and how I can help.

  • Make your message easy to understand and share

    I'm an expert in turning complicated topics into easy to understand concepts. I'll show you how to target what your audience is looking for.

  • Sell confidently even if you've never sold before

    I'll show you how to build trust by explaining how you can solve problems. You won't need tricks or high pressure tactics to hear, "when can you start?"

  • Apply what you learn in your next interaction

    Too many tools and trainings take a long time to show results. Not this one.

Plus there's more.

The core lessons are focused on key concepts so you won't get overwhelmed. But in case you want more help, I included even more resources. Just cherry-pick the help you need to speed up your progress.

  • Templates and Tools

    Everyone's different. So I've added lots of examples to guide and inspire you. LIke templates for rebranding, or explaining your mission, passion or strengths. Plus lots of before and after transformations.

  • Community Forum

    Want to make fast improvement? Get feedback from the forum. The community forum is a supportive space for you to post your answers and to give and receive feedback. You can also use the community to set up small team sessions. (Ask us to help!)

  • Ask me anything

    Is there a topic trending? I'll post answers to the most popular questions and concerns. We'll also have weekly office hours where I'll answer questions or do a short demo.

What my clients are saying...

I was able to finish a presentation in half the time and got verbal approval for a large program

Ashish, IT Professional

The differentiated factor was the strategic story telling that provokes the audience to ask for more, and energizes them to be genuinely interested in what you have to say... I got verbal approval for a large program that would cost a couple of millions of dollars to execute.

My networking conversations have improved markedly and I have procured 3 clients with potential 4th and 5th clients in the pipeline.

Jeff, CFO

My introduction sets the table for the listener to ask me the questions that I really want to answer. I never would have gotten there without the challenge and example of reducing my introduction to 20 words.

I have been in other seminars but this was unique and made a huge difference in learning

Kart, Data Analyst

I personally felt this was very helpful to me; especially to start structuring and organizing my ideas and thoughts and catering them specifically to audiences.

Meet your Instructor

Founder, Evoke Strategy Group Rebecca Okamoto

I'm Rebecca, the founder of Evoke Strategy Group, and I help people with something to say, but struggle to say it.

I'm a personal branding and communication consultant, and I help people become better recognized for their ideas, potential and accomplishments. I teach them how to introduce themselves in 20 words or less. Pitch anything in 15, 30 or 60 seconds. And tell memorable stories that motivate teams to action.

My passion is to help people exceed. I work with corporations, professionals, job hunters and entrepreneurs on persuasive communication and I share career insights on my blog,

Ready to invest in your clarity?

Your investment is $997. Your return can be a game changer

Will this really work for you?

I know. Communicating clearly is hard.  

You can have a brilliant idea, or a breakthrough product or service, but it won’t matter if your listener doesn’t understand your value proposition, or your pitch.

You’ve probably already tried lots of other solutions to improve your clarity. And I’m going to guess, even with proven solutions, you’re not getting the clarity needed to move the needle. 

You have a choice.

You could keep struggling. You could keep telling yourself, “I should be able to do this on my own."  

OR... You can work with me.  

I teach people how to be clear starting with their first 20 words.

My system focuses on how to attract and intrigue audiences and get them to learn in and say, "Tell me more." My process works even if your idea is complicated, or you're an introvert, or you tend to be too wordy or technical.  

Goodbye to data dumping, and long and confusing explanations. Hello to genuinely interested listeners, and being pulled for details. 

One of my early workshop participants, Jenny, was a PhD Chemist who struggled to simplify her message. Jenny came to me because she had a gamechanging idea, but she was worried her VP would dismiss her concept. English was her second language, and she was told multiple times that she "wasn’t strategic enough."  

I helped her reposition her pitch, and in 15 minutes, not only did the VP understand her, he invited her back so he could learn more.  

Listening to Jenny’s joy and sense of accomplishment made me even more determined to help others become better recognized for their ideas, passion and strengths. 

Today I'm on a mission to help MORE people be clear.  

I expanded my programs to help entrepreneurs and game changers improve their clarity so they can reach more people, and touch more lives, and change more outcomes.  

One of my recent clients, Patrice, worried about how to get noticed when competing in a crowded industry. She longed to be impressive and own the room when she spoke. But she always ended up being too wordy, or too rushed. 

Then I helped Patrice create a compelling personal brand statement. A few weeks later she attended a networking event and captured a CEO’s attention with her 20-word introduction. Within a matter of weeks they were discussing opportunities to work together.    

One of my first clients, Jonathan, the CEO of a startup, had zero clients when we met. He had been working with big shot marketing "experts," but without success. Then Jonathan had an opportunity to meet with a Fortune 500 company for a 5 minute pitch. I reworked his deck, and he successfully pitched the President of a multibillion dollar company with only 3 slides. 

Both Patrice and Jonathan had tried and tried on their own, but their messages were too wordy and too complicated. When I showed them how to capture attention in a fraction of the time, it changed everything.    

Clarity is a gamechanger.

If you need more traction and want more clarity, work with me. I'm obsessed with helping people become clearer. I’ve successfully helped professionals of all backgrounds, businesses of all sizes ,and industries of all kinds.  

You have something important to say. Let's work together, and I'll help you find the right words to say it.  

~ Rebecca

You've got something important to say

You don't have to struggle to say it

Ready to enroll?

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